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Leopard Tank Track Maintenance Tool

Leopard Tank Track Maintenance Tool

LeopardTankMaintenance.jpg The tracks of the Leopard tank are shod with pads, two to each link. There are four hundred and forty eight pads in a set. These pads are of two types, a rubber pad for use on paved surfaces and a ‘snow grouser’ for use in soft and muddy situations. The cross-country performance of the tank can be enhanced by the use of a mix of the two to suit the prevailing conditions.

Either way to change a set of worn pads, to change over one set for another or to prepare a tank for particular terrain conditions can be an arduous, tiring and time consuming process, particularly when done with hand tools.

The illustration above shows a crew changing a set of worn rubber pads using a special tool, which incorporates an ENERPAC RC1010 cylinder powered by a remotely controlled electric pump.