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Railway Maintenance Spring Compressor



A spring compressing tool for maintenance on railway carriage bogeys.

Design Intent:

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping the national railway network running. The replacement of worn pads is one of many tasks that make up the maintenance program, and due to the vast number of bogeys requiring service, a special tool was required to simplify the task.

The tool was conceived, designed, and built in 10 working days. The model was developed in Autodesk Inventor® and the frame was last cut to precise standards. All other components were manufactured in-house to ensure a small lead time.

Utilising off-the-shelf ENERPAC hydraulic components, the tool generates 5 tonne of force, which is more than required but guarantees smooth operation and long-term clamping. A foot-operated air over oil pump controls the cylinder, due to it’s compact nature and ease of operation.


Download a press release about this product from ImaginIT Technologies in PDF format