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Specialist Welding Stainless Steel

Specialist Welding Stainless Steel- Tri-Flange Flexible Tube Assembly

TriFlangeTubeAssembly.jpgThis is a flexible tube assembly. They are made specifically to connect petrol bowsers to the outlet pipes of underground fuel storage tanks.

The flexible nature of these assemblies allows for misalignment between the bowser and the outlet flange. This characteristic also isolates the joints in the fuel lines from vibrations generated by the pump motors.

The concertina form of the tube combined with it’s flexibility is a safety feature by which the tube can stretch to over three and a half times it’s original length without rupturing. This is to prevent fuel spillage and possible fire in the event of a collision between a vehicle and the bowser or when a motorist tries to drive away without hanging up the fuel nozzle.

John Mills & Associates perfected the automated process of joining the stainless steel tube (wall thickness - two hundred and fifty microns) to mild steel and cast iron flanges of five and twelve millimetres in thickness. The process uses bare stainless steel welding wire with an argon/helium/ hydrogen/carbon dioxide shielding gas.