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Special Application Hoist: Hard to reach places

Special Application Hoist

SprinterHoist2 003.jpg A Specialised Hoist for use in Passenger Railcars.

The design of passenger rail cars is an exercise in maximizing the use of a limited amount of available space. Both under floor space and ceiling space is used to the full for the installation of ancillary equipment. This leaves the maximum of floor space to provide as much room as possible for the comfort of the passengers.SprinterHoist2.jpg

With the seating in position, major problems can occur when it is necessary to remove ceiling mounted machinery for routine maintenance. The hoist illustrated above has been designed to reach around corners and across obstacles to the sides of the carriage to support roof mounted refrigerators, air conditioners etc. during removal and replacement.

SprinterHoist2 001.jpg An ENERPAC JHL3 powers the trolley mounted hoist which can lift 500 kg.