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Portable Punch & Form Tool - ENERPAC RCH202

Portable Punch & Form Tool - Utilising an ENERPAC RCH202 Hollow Cylinder & the F-392FP Foot Operated Pump

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A portable punch and form tool for retrofitting waste filter baskets baskets in commercial kitchen sinks. Built for Vinidex and Catering and Refrigeration Hardware.

The tool is based a successful shop press tool, also designed and built by John Mills & Associates. The existing 90 mm hole is enlarged to 123 mm. The new hole is then formed to accept the new drainage flange, to ensure a watertight fit and keep the drain as the lowest point in the basin.

The process is done in two parts to give the best finish. The punch mount locates on the original hole. The geometry on the punch splits the slug for easy removal.

The punch and is then removed from the draw bar, and the die, which drops onto the forming die, is also removed.

CRHPortTool17JUL09 003.jpg

CRHPortTool17JUL09 016.jpg

The forming punch is then placed on the draw bar, and a 1” UNC nut keeps it in place. The tool is then able to form the recess in the drainage hole.

The tool has a handle on the back so that it drops into the sink easily, and the hose comes out at right angles to the cylinder, to keep it out of the way.

The punch & form tool is powered by an ENERPAC RCH202 Hollow Cylinder, capable of producing 20 Tonne of force. The cylinder is operated by an ENERPAC F-392FP foot pump; this leaves the operator's hands free for positioning the tool, ensuring both operator safety and ease of use.

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The F-392FP 700 bar Foot Pump (Courtesy of the ENERPAC web site)