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Portable Bearing Tool

Portable Bearing Tool

untitled.JPG A Portable bearing removal and insertion tool.

The regular maintenance procedures, which are performed on locomotive bogies, requires that pivots and bushings (both rigid and flexible) are replaced at determined intervals. The nature of the assemblies makes the removal and fitting of these items an awkward operation. To manoeuvre these assemblies on a press is difficult and dangerous and in many instances the size of press that will accommodate them is out of all proportion to the force needed to do the job.

In the example above a hardened steel bush is being extracted from the brake hanger bracket on a bogie frame using a purpose designed tool.

Once the sets of four old bushes are removed, new ones are inserted using the same tool. This tool is fitted with an ENERPAC RCh302 single acting 30 ton hollow cylinder powered by an ENERPAC PAT1102N air/hydraulic pump.