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Mobile Lifting Platform

Mobile Lifting Platform (Scissor Lift)

Alstom1.jpg A Mobile Lifting Platform to Install Equipment Under Rail Carriages.

Drivers of suburban passenger trains control the speed of the wheel motors by static inverters mounted in the traction case under the floor of the motor-cars. These traction cases weigh about two tonnes.

For installation, the traction case in placed in a cradleAlstom2.jpg and loaded on the mobile lifting platform. The platform is then positioned under the carriage. Stabilising feet are then lowered to support and lift the platform to align the mating faces of the traction case and the carriage.

The top of the platform can be finely adjusted in three axes to line up the mounting holes in the traction case with those in the carriage. When this has been done the platform lifts the traction case till it fits snugly under the carriage where it is then fastened in place.AlstomCAD2.jpg