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Grease Dispensing Robot for Toyota Light Cones

SiemensVDOGreaseDispensingRobot.JPG Description:

A deceptively simple machine that applies a bead of grease to the three light cones that are part of the climate control cluster in Toyota motor vehicles.

Design Intent:

The automotive industry seeks to reduce cost margins on an annual basis. Suppliers to the industry are reliant on the vision and ingenuity of their engineers to meet these new targets.

Prior to the commissioning of this machine, operators applied the grease to the light cones by hand. This proved to be time consuming, and delivered an inconsistent spread of grease.

The robot had to fit into a specific footprint, match the other machines on the line appearance-wise, and apply grease to the work piece at a consistent standard, as well as being cost efficient.

The operator loads the three light cones into the turntable, and then unloads the finished components from the previous cycle. This process set a new benchmark; the machine surpasses a human’s ability to apply the grease, and the operator is free to perform other processes whilst it is cycling.

Controlled by a FESTO PLC, and utilising the efficiency of EFD grease dispensing valves, the machine was designed, built, and commissioned over a period of 8 weeks.

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