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Commercial Kitchen Flanging Press



A moving platen press for forming flanges in stainless steel sheet metal for commercial kitchen stove tops.

Design Intent:

A Melbourne-based manufacturer has cornered the market in commercial wok cookers by developing a “waterless” range, boasting high quality and an environmental conscience. Constantly looking for ways of increasing production, one process in particular consumed a minimum of two hours per unit. The process involved cutting, forming, fabricating and then treating stainless steel rings to the stove tops.

John Mills & Associates were approached regarding the possibility of forming a flange in the laser cut stove top blanks. Following a series of tests, a press and tooling were built, capable of forming three different size flanges. The process now takes less than a minute, and the presentation and strength of the flange is far superior.

The press is powered by a Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic power pack. The middle platen clamps the blank in place; the main cylinder and tooling form the flange, and then eject the finished work piece.

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