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Enerpac Powered Tube Bender

Enerpac Powered Tube Bender

Bender.jpg An Enerpac powered tube bender.

The combination of ENERPAC high force tools with the SWADESIR11B-tube bender.

The result, a precision draw type tube bender which produces high finish, distortion free bends in thin wall, anodized, aluminium tubing. And the bonus of total accuracy and repeatability of bend angle and high productivity.

The machine illustrated above is in use at the R. E. Ross Manufacturing Centre who commissioned its design and construction. An ENERPAC PA133 treadle controlled air/hydraulic pump provides the power.

The ENERPAC components are proven products available off-the shelf from the world’s largest manufacturer of high force tools. SWADESIR have been specialist tube and pipe forming machine makers since the first half of last century.

Both products are designed and manufactured for maximum service life and minimum maintenance needs over the long term.