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Crimping Tools for Thermocouples

Crimping Tools for Thermocouples

Crimper.jpgThermocouple probes, which are integral with the connecting cable. The joins of the probe junction wires along with the cable conductors are housed in a sleave, which is mechanically joined to the probe sheath. The electrical joints enclosed are then encapsulated with resin.

The sleeve and the resin protect the joints from mechanical damage that may occur during handling, installation or throughout the service life of the detector. The insulating properties of the resin prevent electrical failure of the connections.

The illustration above shows a purpose built EnerpacCrimping.jpg press powered by an air/hydraulic pump together with the tooling for various diameter probed. The sleeve and sheath are aligned by the tools and then crimped together firmly, securely and speedily. The tools are quickly and easily changed without the use of tools when a product change is called for.