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Bio-medical Cleanroom Robot FANUC

Bio-medical Cleanroom Robot

Filtron1-b.jpgAn Aseptic Robotic Bottle Filling apparatus that dispenses sterile filtered blood products.
The fill of the bottle is controlled by a closed loop between a peristaltic filling valve and an electronic laboratory balance. The bottles are filled from the
bottom up to prevent the frothing of the protein fluid. The cell handles four bottle sizes and seven different
Filtron2-b.jpg fill volumes. The bottles come complete with caps as
sterile units in sterile trays.

The production dispensing runs consist of batches of completely filled bottles, batches of partially filled quality control samples, and single partially filled bottles collected progressively during the dispensing as a check on sterility levels as the dispensing proceeds.
Filtron3-b.jpgThe Robot is programmed to detect the size of the bottle presented to it, compare this with the size required by the dispensing programme, and if this is
correct to proceed to remove the cap, place the bottle on the scale pan, dispense the fluid to the correct fill volume, replace the cap, and place the bottle on a conveyor.
The conveyor transports the bottle to a machine which
Filtron4-b.jpg detects the bottle size, adjusts to suit and tightens the cap to a predetermined torque setting before dispatching the bottle to the outside of the aseptic clean-room. The system is self-adjusting to all the different parameters on demand from the operator by means of electronic logic and servo controls. No mechanical adjustment or direct human intervention is required .