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Automatic Nut Tapper M14 x 1.5 Bronzes Hex Nuts

Automatic Nut Tapper

An automatic machine which makes M14x1.5 bronze hex nuts.

NutTapper.jpgThe machine is a vertical, four-station rotary transfer table with a vibratory feeder hopper. The hopper orients and feeds parts to an outfeed platform, where they are detected, gripped, inserted into the fixture on the rotary table and clamped.

The table indexes to where the part is drilled and faced in one operation. At the third station the part isNutTapper2.jpg tapped and at the fourth it is ejected. The cycle is continuous for as long as the hopper has sufficient parts and the machine is in run mode. The machine is controlled by a FESTO electronic logic controller and sensors and is actuated by FESTO pneumatic cylinders. The rotary transfer mechanism is by SERVO PRESS. The drilling and tapping heads are from SUHNER