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Automated Seeding Trial Packer

Automated Seeding Trial Packer

AMRL 002.jpgAn Autosampler for the preparation of seed batches for grain growing trials. These seeding trials are performed by a seeding machine which sows seed of various strains in a predetermined pattern in the field. As the seeding machine travels along the rows the seed is fed to it in sequence to produce the required sowing pattern. To achieveAMRL.jpg this the seed is loaded into magazines of twelve cells which are then fed into the seeding machine. It is the arrangement of the seed strain samples in the magazines and the sequence of feeding which produce the required sown pattern in the field.

The Autosampler is loaded with the different strains of seed in turn and these are dispensed in set quantity into the cells of the magazines in the sequence which, when loaded and fed into the seeding machine, will produce the required sown pattern in the field.

AMRL 001.jpgThe Autosampler is a two dispense machine. The sampling sequence is controlled by a personal computer. The machine control is achieved by communications between the computer and a FESTO programmable logic controller.