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Analogue Computer

Analogue Computer

PregnancyCalculators.jpgA lightweight analogue computer for use by Medical Practitioners in explaining to expectant mothers the optimal stages for undergoing tests for specific foetal genetic disorders during pregnancy.

This is particularly relevant for women whose families have a history of genetic disorders such as Downs’ syndrome, Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy.

The computer displays a scale on one side following the weekly development of the foetus.

On the reverse side is a list of specific tests and the disorders they may indicate in time frames recommended for optimum detection.

The device can be calibrated to each woman’s specific menstrual cycle and the progress of pregnancy and optimal testing times can be easily followed.

The second device is smaller and less detailed. It is for use by midwives in Papua New Guinea as a teaching instrument.

In such cultures a pregnancy is not acknowledged until the woman actually feels the baby move. With the aid of the pregnancy calculator midwives can explain to women the actual process of their pregnancies in the course of providing education on various aspects of women’s health.

Both devices are robust and easily transportable. This is especially important given the weather conditions and terrain in which the PNG midwives work.