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Cyanocylite Adhesive Applicator

Cyanocylite Adhesive Applicator

Glue 001.jpgA mechanised Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Applicator.

The off-line preparation of the tray liner for the Ford Falcon utility requires that the weather seal is firmly set on the mating edge of the liner assembly which fits against the bodywork of the vehicle. The operational procedure specifies the priming of the mating surfaces of the liner and weather strip prior to the application of the cyanoacryliate adhesive.

The machine grips one end of a weather strip and lays it flat in a cradle where it is firmly held. As this is being done an EFD 780S-SS SPRAY valve applies primer to the inside surfaces of the weather strip.

Close behind this follows a hot air blast to ‘flash off’Glue.jpg the primer. An EFD 752V-UHSS diaphragm valve applies a line of the cyanoacrylate adhesive in precisely the right profile to this prepared surface.

The machine then presents the weather seal to the operator who then fits it to the tray liner and the cycle repeats.