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Micro-Dispense Lubricating Robot: 7 Axis

Micro-Dispense Lubricating Robot

A seven axis robotic grease dispensing machine.JohnsonControls.jpg

The manufacture of the overhead console of the Ford Falcon requires that the hinges and catch of the sunglasses holder be lubricated during assembly. The operational procedure specifies the accurate placement of 3.5 ml of grease at five positions on the catch and one each on the four hinge pintles.

The operator inserts the base into the robot which applies the grease to the catch section. The operator then fits the catch and completes assembling the holder. When this is done, the assembly is inserted into the robot which applies the grease to the hinge pintles. The operator then mounts the completed sunglasses holder in the console.

The Robot is programmed to detect the holder presented to it, compare this with the position required by the dispensing programme, and having done this it deposits the grease in the appropriate places. The robot can do either catch or hinge dispense or both together. In this way a continuous product flow is achieved.

The grease is applied with EFD 740V-SS which ensures that the precise volume is delivered to the exact position every time. The valves are controlled by the ValvemateTM 7000 which provides for optimum accuracy and reliability.