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Machinery Makers to the Gentry since 1976

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Custom Engineering Solutions

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John A. L. Mills & Associates offer consulting, concept and design services using the latest Autodesk Inventor software, backed by over 30 years of manufacturing and design expertise.

From concept through development to manufacturing. The best people producing the highest quality products for the changing requirements of Australian industry.

For 30 years John Mills and Associates has been helping both Australian and overseas clients to develop new products and manufacturing processes which create a competitive edge.

Providing rapid response when lead time is short is made possible from our manufacturing facilities. Ongoing product support ensures our aim to provide satisfaction is guaranteed.

From a preliminary sketch through to prototypes, we are able to source the specifics of our customers' individual design concepts.

What sets our achievements apart from those of so many others is our ability to actually make what we have envisaged.

We specialise in multi-disciplinary projects that involve thinking outside the square. Typically our clients are looking for more than delivery, more than design, and more than talk. They usually operate within challenging physical and political circumstances and are looking for straightforward, innovative solutions.

John Mills & Associates policy is to provide and receive all communication in writing, no assumptions or verbal instructions are to be accepted.

"It is one thing to invent, and another to actually make the invention work."

- Marc Brunel

To do the right thing right every time is the objective

No job is complete without review and revision

Always strive to find the best possible solution

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