John A. L. Mills & Associates Pty Ltd

Machinery Makers to the Gentry since 1976

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The History of John Mills & Associates


John A.L. Mills & Associates Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1976 to provide a design and manufacturing service for new products or processes to suit particular production and environmental needs. Our intention is to provide the optimum outcome.

The company began in Carlton with a minimum amount of equipment but an infinite desire for success. The additional need for the capacity to produce our unique designs led to the establishment of a manufacturing facility capable of providing a flexible response of the best quality at short lead times. This facility opened at premises in Port Melbourne in 1979. In 1986, in response to the need for more work space the facility was relocated to Kensington.

VanPortMelbourne1.jpg As the manufacturing industry has evolved, we have secured our place due to our focus on ingenuity and quality, resulting in customer satisfaction.

The product profiles on this site provide an outline of some of the projects in which we have been involved. These show the broad spread of industries that have benefited from our expertise. They also show the originality of our innovative solutions. Our willingness to embrace the latest in scientific and technological advances is also demonstrated. But along side this; the firm foundation of traditional technical skill and engineering craft is much in evidence. The latest CAD software and manufacturing techniques are used in the fabrication and machining of common and specialist metals and plastics.

The scope of the work ranges from delicate laboratory apparatus and instruments throughUtes.jpg metal cutting machine tools to high force net shape metal forming machines. In every instance the result has been derived from an amalgam of the customer's needs and the latest technology available to perform the necessary process.

The benefit to our customers is manifold. For some we have enabled them to produce at such high levels both in quality and quantity that they have cornered the market in their field of operation. For others the increase in output and the reduction in cost have allowed them to remain competitive in the free trade environment. For others we revitalised a mature market with new products. In all instances a co-operative relationship has resulted in a profitable outcome.